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Hello, my name is Gus Avalos, I’m a 3D modeler and animator with 4 years of experience. I graduated in 2008 from The Art Institute of Los Angeles majoring in Media Arts and Animation. I completed an internship at a video game studio where I modeled, rigged, and animated game characters. I have worked with some great companies as a 3D designer, working on major theme park attractions for various theme park resorts. I have experience in working on ride simulations which require 3D models and animation. I also took part in a Rockwork design team that created rockwork formations for theme parks. My focus in 3D art has not limited me, I had a great opportunity to work in an elementary school where I assisted teachers with their lesson plans and found ways to implement my art skills in their classrooms. Here I volunteered in school events to design and paint murals with inner city students. Painting and drawing are still a vital part of my life. I continue to practice those skills to later translate them to my digital art. Besides filling my brain with 3D, I enjoy outdoor activities with hiking being one of my favorite pass times. I play guitar and bass but when I can’t get the songs right I always resort to playing air guitar (in my opinion I’m way better at). I like taking my dog George out for walks but only when he doesn’t fight with other neighborhood dogs. I love hanging out with family and friends, especially if that means watching the Walking Dead. Thank you for visiting! Feel free to navigate through the site, if you have any questions or comments about my work feel free to contact me.

Moose HiRes WIP



Here is a hi-res mesh for a game character I’m currently working on. This model is for the Rapid Character Development for Online Games workshop I’m taking on CGSociety.  The concept is by Chris Ayers from his book The Daily Zoo.

Software Used: Zbrush